Coach - Marcel Lukaszewicz



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You can find thousands of ready-made training programs, but if it is not adapted to your goals and wishes, it is worthless. Therefore, I work closely to create a program that is best for you! With weekly adaptation and adjustment, we ensure that the chance of your success is the greatest possible.

I will help you create good habits, optimize your training and make good choices to get the most out of your training. 

 For NOK 1499 per month, you get customized follow-up with PT online and:

- Close monitoring

-Training program adapted to your goals and wishes

- Chat where you can ask questions

- Weekly adaptations and adjustments

- If you are a member of Skyfitness Kopervik, you get 2 free PT hours per month If you need help with exercise, lifestyle change and diet send me a DM (instagram), SMS to 91334114 or book through the contact form below 

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