Join the Tornado team

Hello you,

We are always looking for motivated individuals that love our mission to inspire people to embrace the "No zero days" lifestyle.  If you feel inspired and truly believe in our brand and what we stand for, then do not wait: Send your  name, social media accounts, and why you are a good fit for the Tornado team to or contact us through the contact-form down below. 

From there on we will see if you qualify to be a sponsored brand ambassador. Then we will sign a contract with you for brand exclusivity with commision or salary based wages. You will be invited to team events, product meetings, social media presence and trips with the rest of the Tornado team. As well as improved personal discount, and free products from new collections. 

Our mission is to build a likeminded community which represents individuals that focus on physical and mental health through long-lasting good habits.

We will also pay close attention to who is posting and engaging with us! So tag @tornadogymwear in your training sessions,  showing off our products, training or and daily habits. 

Perks as a sponsored brand ambassador: 

- Exclusive contract with earned commision from sales or base-salary

- Discount code for your followers

-  Website and social media features, including photoshoots participation

- Attend team expos and events 

- PR packages on new products

- personal discounts on personal purchases 

-  Welcome gift

and more


Send a email to or send a request down below: