Coach - Magnus Onyeka Iversen

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Do you need a personal trainer in Oslo? Magnus - Your Personal Trainer at Frontline Muay Thai Oslo or by order.

  Are you ready to take your training to the next level? Then Magnus is your ultimate partner for achieving your training goals!

Magnus, a renowned MMA fighter and Muay Thai world champion with a strong passion for health and fitness, is now available as your personal trainer at Frontline Muay Thai Oslo. With Magnus as your supervisor, you can expect a tailored training experience that helps you reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

What does Magnus offer?

1. Personal training sessions: Magnus offers 45-minute training sessions that are adapted to your exact needs and goals. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, Magnus will ensure that each session is perfectly adapted to you.

2. Nutritional assistance: Exercise and diet go hand in hand. Magnus will guide you through proper nutrition to maximize the results of your training. Get tailored diet plans that fit your lifestyle.

3. Varied Training: Magnus has a broad knowledge of various forms of training and has worked as a personal trainer since 2010, including fitness, health, boxing and cardio. You will never get bored with varied training sessions that produce results.

What are the prices?

- 45-minute personal training session with Magnus: NOK 600 - Personal nutritional guidance: NOK 299

- Training packages adapted to your needs

Who is Magnus?

With an MMA record of 3-0-0 and impressive ratings in the UK and Middle East, Magnus is a true fighter both in and out of the arena. He is dedicated to helping you achieve success in your training. He holds gold medals in K1 Kickboxing World Championships and has over 40-3 as his record. He stands up for those with different backgrounds or ethnicities, he works on a daily basis with children and enjoys tasks where you can challenge the body's healthy properties to achieve a sense of mastery in everyday life.

Don't miss this opportunity to train with a true expert. Contact Magnus today to book your first training session and start your journey towards a healthier, stronger version of yourself.

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